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Take Command over all your Electronics with Home Control

Home control can be for just about any electrical and electronic device in the home (sorry unless your partner is electronic we don't have a control solution for you).

There are essential reasons for some controls but for the most part they are a convenience.

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So, when does a remote control stop being a lazy person's toy and become an essential device for every technology in your home?

There are many reasons and you'll certainly have your own, here a few:

  • Too many remote controls for various devices, having one smart remote makes perfect sense.

  • You can open the garage door with a remote, why not dis-arm your alarm as well.

  • Switching on lights around the house isn't hard work, but how about a single button for your favourite setting.

  • Out on the patio entertaining, no need to go inside to change the music, grab your iPad and let your guests make a selection.

Traditional controls such as hand-held remotes and wall-mounted keypads and touch-screens still form the basis of many control systems but are increasingly enhanced with, or replaced by, smartphone and tablet applications (apps).

Smartphones in particular are excellent control interfaces as we tend to have them ready to hand most of the time (Kids have the volume too loud? take out your smartphone and turn it down, no need to shout.)


Smartphones can also provide control when we're away from home (off to the shop for a few minutes but decide to go elsewhere? just grab your phone to arm your alarm system.)

At Homeplay Electronics we work hard to give you control over your technology


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