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Whole Home Multi-Room AV (Audiovisual) Solutions

Smartphones today are light years ahead of their earlier counterparts with most providing a range of multimedia applications that turn them into personal entertainment systems.
So it's only natural that we have higher expectations of all other technology and want to be able to watch or listen to various media no matter which room we are in.

For personal self-contained technologies, the choices are simple; we have iPod docks and Bluetooth speakers, tablets and smart TVs.  We might consider aesthetics, size and performance, our expectations are contained to that device, the iPod dock will only work in the room it's located, the smart TV only gives us access to content that the software supports and whilst some of these devices may talk to each other, or connect in some way, the reality most of us experience is 

A collection of individual products is not a system

Denon Multiroom Audio - Homeplay Electronics

So, if we want more from our home entertainment technology and want to:

  • Share single sources with multiple rooms e.g. Front cameras to all TVs or connect your phone to play in every room.

  • Watch or listen to the same content in different rooms e.g. stream your favourite artist in the living room, kitchen & patio.

  • Watch or listen to different content at the push of a button e.g. switch between TV, Blu-ray and your front camera as easy as changing volume.

For these combinations and anywhere we have multiple content sources distributed to multiple rooms (zones) we need a multi-room audio & video system.

"A whole house approach to audio & video throughout the home."  

Watching a single pay-tv box from any room in your home, streaming your favourite music service to the pool, patio and living room simultaneously or simply catch-up on news radio in the kitchen these are all simple and common aspects of whole house systems. 

Foxtel Multiroom Video Matrix - Homeplay Electronics

Elements of a multi-room audio & video system may include:

  • Common or shared sources – e.g. pay-tv box, media player or Blu-ray player

  • Distribution hardware – Providing audio and video signals to locations throughout the home

  • In-ceiling or in-wall speakers – for aesthetically pleasing and discrete audio, with some speakers
    being invisible.

  • Control points – A basic keypad for on/off, source selection and volume, through to touchscreens for total control

Denon Heos Multiroom Audio - Homeplay Electronics

Multiroom Audiovisual Design

In essence, a well-designed multi-room audio & video system gives you quick and intuitive access to your media content, from streaming services, Blu-ray movies to music from your own phone, all this throughout your home with the simplest of control.  

Ultimately the system should reflect your needs and expectations and should be used regularly, we would love to talk through your needs and help determine the best solution for you. Fill out the Systems Enquiry form to get this started.