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Homeplay Electronics provide a range of services from consultation & design through to installation & programming. 
We work in concert with Consultants, Architects, Builders and other Trades.

Our goal is simple; we work in the capacity needed to fulfil your requirements

Homeplay Electronics consultation


What do you need or what you can achieve? 
We work with you and your consultant, architect or builder to develop an understanding of your requirements, helping to define a solution, level of implementation and functional outcomes.


Okay, you know what you want, but what exactly is involved? 
Once we have your functional expectations, scope of implementation and product specifics, we can draw up a system/s design to identify all the elements and how they connect and interact.


Does Homeplay Electronics do the complete installation?
Homeplay Electronics use a complement of staff and contractors to complete any installation work.  Your project may require us to deliver all installation works or it may require us to augment the installation works of others, such as your builder or another contractor.  

Project Management:

There are a number of parties involved, who will ensure the right outcome?
In short, we will. Our focus is on the delivery of a complete and functional solution, this means any element that we are dependent on will be an element that we will endeavour to co-ordinate.

If you would like to get the process started please use the Systems Enquiry form (providing us as much detail as possible).